• Born:

Age (48 years) 1975. Alhaj Mullah Bakht Rahman Sharafat son of Alhaj Zakir Muhammad was born in 1975 in the village of Ibrahim-Khail, Zabul Province, central (Qalat) district.

  • Education:

He learned the Holy Quran from the Imam of his village (Ibrahim-Khail), during the Soviet Union invasion when many other afghan families started leaving Afghanistan his family also left Afghanistan in 1984 his family migrated to Pakistan settled in Balochistan province’s Muslim-Bagh refugees camp, there he once again continued his primary studies in a primary school.

In 1992 after the topple of Dr. Najibullah government his family returned back to Afghanistan but he left in Muslim-Bagh refugees camp admitted to a Madrasah and at the same time continued his private science studies, a year later he left the refugee camp went to Muslim-Bagh city admitted to (Madinatul-Uloom) Madrasah and at the same time admitted to Muslim-Bagh high school, for his secondary education one year later he left Muslim Bagh too went to Quetta admitted to (Mataul-Uloom Madrasah) for religious studies and at the same time admitted to government high school joint road Quetta did matriculation from this school and then took admission in government science college Quetta for higher education.

When he admitted to this college, the same time Taliban appraising started from Kandahar under the leadership of Mullah Muhammad Omar Mujahid.

Here Sharafat also wrapped off his books joined Taliban in Kandahar Spending couple of months with the Taliban in different front line, he once again went back to Quetta to complete his two-years bachelor’s degree from government science college Quetta.

  • Membership of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan:

After completion of his bachelor’s degree came back to Afghanistan spent enough time with Taliban in the front line and finally came started work as the secretary of the governor of Kandahar province, later on was appointed as the administrator of the special delegation of the leadership’s office.

One year before the topple of the Islamic Emirate by the direct invasion of the United states he was appointed the director of Kandahar’s zonal hospital (Mirwais Hospital and a special caretaker of Amir al-Mu’uminin’s family’s health issues.

  • Jihadi and service records:

After the topple of the Islamic Emirate when Taliban regrouped and restarted their armed struggle against the American invasion he once again started taking care of the war wounded peoples and later on  was appointed as member of the  health commission of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, when the foreign NGOs commission was created beside taking care of the injured persons he was appointed as foreign relations officer of the NGOs commission, and then was appointed as the staff officer of the military commission.

When many areas inside the country became under control of Islamic Emirate, need was felt for public work commission to start the reconstruction work in the conquered areas, so a public work commission was created and Sharafat was appointed as the head of this commission, he remained at the top of this commission until the conquer of Kabul.

  • Serving in the second term of the Emirate:

When Kabul was conquered in the beginning he was appointed as acting public work minister and then was appointed as the deputy public work minister and finally as head of the Afghanistan railway authority and still holding this post.


Afghanistan Railway Authority

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21th, January 2024